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A Green Commercial Space

Ensuring your space is clean and uncluttered

Exceptional Waste Handling and Disposal Services

Waste handling and disposal can be a troublesome and tedious process. You can rely on the expert services of KAM Services, Inc. in Mattoon, IL. Our certified professionals carry over 25 years of experience. We can manage and dispose the waste in no time safely. Call 217-235-9537 for a FREE estimate today.

Safely Dispose of Fluorescent/HID Bulbs, PCB's

Comprehensive Disposal Services

Get reliable disposal services for all your commercial and industrial needs. Our experienced team can help you find the most cost-effective waste management program for your business.


Contact one of our experts to learn about proper disposal ways for potentially harmful materials.

Look no further! We'll take care of your waste disposal needs.

Call for hazardous waste removal and disposal services.


Figuring out your waste disposal is challenging. Our experienced team will help you in PCB balance and the disposal of mercury thermostats and fluorescent / HID bulbs.


We're dedicated to providing a high quality, professional service when it comes to waste handling.