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Specializing in Interior Demolition to Meet Your Needs

Hire professionals from KAM Services, Inc. and begin transforming your space. You can rely on our expert services to remove the components necessary inside of a structure/building without harming the exterior or structural foundation of the building. Call 217-235-9537 for a FREE estimate today.

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Responsible Demolition Services

KAM Services, Inc. has the ability to complete all sizes of interior demolition projects whether vacant or occupied. Our professionals will take all necessary steps to ensure that all hazardous material is removed safely. All dirt, dust, and debris within work area will be contained to allow for part of building to remain occupied. Therefore, you can continue to operate business as usual until project is completed.

Our interior dismantling and demolition services include but are not limited to removal of hazardous materials and contaminants; we also offer selective interior demolition that includes utilities, walls, ceilings, floor coverings and adhesive removals.


Our mission is to make your job easier. Give our experts a call today.

Dedicated and experienced professionals safely and responsibly handle your interior demolition needs.

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